Social network " Odnoklassniki" has launched a service " Moments", which with the help of artificial intelligence and neural networks creates a personalized video to the user on various occasions.

At the service of service offered to users testing phase publish automatically generated video , " My Journey." Photos for a slide show selected the proprietary technology automatically detects, machine learning algorithms for finding users, travelers and the place where the published photos were taken. Experiment pleased users and they actively share them with friends and family. As a result, video memories got a record 1 million views per day.

Now, in the "moment" you can create video greetings birthday for each user of social networks. Also with the help of technology OK for face recognition on photos neural network selects from user pictures the faces of friends and places them in a holiday spot with warm words of congratulations in honor of the birthday.

In addition, all users will receive the OK video greetings on the day of birth by artificial intelligence, and will be able to publish them to your friends and loved ones. After the publication of the video will be available in the User videos, as well as in the news feed profile.


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