Pleased to welcome! And I have an idea - a fairy tale-adaptations of roles for us drunk on the anniversary of the woman, the man! You on the nose birthday or other occasion? You have decided to gather a large and friendly company at home, but really do not know what to entertain guests?

What a game, how to organize it? You all know, if you keep reading the article.

  1. Tale-alteration - a small impromptu performance that is based on the well-known story, for example, "Turnip" or "Towers."
  2. The game is always present host, he manages all event.
  3. Interesting use props, even the most simple. Guests should be enough to have found all the necessary actors and still have viewers.
  4. Tales rework - the perfect solution for corporate parties, if required by your department to prepare an entertainment room.
  5. Good scenes suitable for trips on kebabs, if the company is going great. Will not only delicious, but also very fun. We get funny photos, a lot of impressions! More to the point!


  1. Tales alteration of roles for drunken company: "Turnip in a new way"
  2. The story about the chamber's a new way for the cheerful company
  3. tale scenario of multiple narrators for his roles

Tales alteration of roles for drunken company: "Turnip in a new way"

Fairy tale about the turnip get funny when you add other actors in addition to the well-known characters. Remember?

Looking for:

  1. rape;
  2. grandfather;
  3. woman;
  4. granddaughter;
  5. bugs;
  6. cat;
  7. mouse.

In a fairy tale remake of roles for drunk companies actually add the role of the beds, shade tree, Zhuchkin tail, and many other characters, the number depends on the size of the company and the master of fantasy.

Lead begins to tell a story, the actors task - to depict the brighter and more expressive everything. Text about that.

  • "I decided once my grandfather planted the turnip (grandfather appears).
  • He went out into the garden, saw a shade tree (in shade tree).
  • Grandfather sat down in the shade to relax a bit before work force gain.
  • Rested, he took a shovel and dug a bed (bed appears).
  • Planted turnip (turnip appears).
  • He sat down again in the shade and began to wait, when it will grow (turnip begins to grow).
  • And raised a huge turnip!
  • Grandfather became her pull, but a bit old already, legs, hands hurt, falling off the waist, can not pull. He called his grandmother (in pastern).
  • Pull together, not out.
  • Had they granddaughter of correspondence in social networks to tear, but to call for help.
  • Comes granddaughter, is outraged that prevented her new selfie gash, but huskies gather.
  • But there is nothing, I came to help, pulling everything together.
  • Tired, fell under the shade tree, like a turnip growing and growing.
  • Zhuchka name. Beetle ran cheerfully wagging his tail.
  • They jumped all over each other and began to pull.
  • on the back does not come out! We decided to call the cat.
  • However, the Beetle with the cat refuses to cooperate, threatening neck soap and cat in response to bugs in the tail is going to grab.
  • Somehow agreed share of the harvest had to promise.
  • But even so, do not pull out the turnip!
  • It remained the last hope - the mouse, it is just only a bodybuilding competition is back.
  • Called mouse, we gathered all his strength and pulled the turnip! ".
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As props in a fairy tale well suited character images that are easy to attach to the front of the paper cap, to the rings of paper and put on each actor's head. Pictures are not hard to find online, print out and decorate.

Distribute roles can be a variety of ways. One option - to make a simple riddle about a character. I guessed? I get the role! Pre-warn, guess the puzzle can be only once and do not say, what does it do. First, puzzles, and then - surprise! Guess becomes an actor.

Look comic tale of roles "Repka, both on."

The second option - write a role on pieces of paper and put them into the hat for the draw.

The story about the chamber's a new way for the cheerful company

Consider the following version of the reworked fairy tales for adults roles. To do this, an impromptu performance need seven actors: mouse, frog, rabbit, fox, wolf, bear and host. Yet to be spectators. As props required animal masks. They are also easy to make your own, you need to find pictures on the Internet, print, cut and paint. It is better to buy ready-made masks.

The rules are the same. Leading tells a story, the actors have to appear on the stage at the right moment and the most artistically depict what tells presenter. tales approximately the text.

"It was in the chamber's field. It was not a big house, not a small, empty. No it did not live. So it runs once past the attics mouse. Runs, but at the very thought sad: "The crisis is over, the work is bad, there is nothing to pay for housing, mortgage and I especially do not pull ...". He sees Mansion. I examined it from all sides, knocked on the door and asked: "Is there anyone alive?". But no one answers. Happy mouse, thank you, said you, the universe has heard my prayers and sent me a gift. Repopulated mouse in the Mansion, poryadochek cleaned up, hung curtains on the window and lives rejoice.

Skips past the frog citizen housing problems. I saw Mansion, happy, knocked on the door: "Who teremochke lives?". Mouse: "I live here!". Frog: "A property documents is or is unauthorized seizure? Let go live, the complaint where to write to you! ". I had to let the frog. Have been living together, they are on duty in the kitchen at a time.

Here comes the hare, he creative profession, volatile earnings, its square meter, either. "Who lives in a mansion?" - he asks.

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Mouse: "I am a mouse, the little hostess!"

Frog: "I am a frog, green wah!"

Hare: "Put in teremochek live, I will soon tour, go, earn money, will pay the rent!". Began to live three, hare rehearsing rooms, the house mouse is busy, and the frog is accounting.

And then there is the fox, the entire forest beauty, fashionista and shmotochnitsa, all dreams of successfully get married but to go abroad, but has not yet obtained. "Put in teremochek live!". Frog is outraged: "We're three to twenty square meters! All Standards SanPiN has long been violated! Where else and you? ". But the hare already seen beauty, his heart pounding, the door opens, handles her kisses, cakes treats, a shelf in the closet liberates. We began to live four, hare rehearsing, preparing a mouse, paper frog on the expansion of housing in the instance of, and the fox is sitting near a mirror and admires.

It misses the wolf. In one paw bottle of beer, a cigarette in the other, bawling songs. I saw Mansion and asks, "Well who lives in the house"

Mouse: "I am a mouse, the little hostess!"

Frog: "I am a frog, green wah!"

Hare: "I hare - a popular actor!"

Fox: "I am a fox - the first forest beauty!"

Wolf: "This is what a nice company! Let's walk together and have fun! Mouse, set the table! ".

Now five of them have been living, crowded, but fun. The mouse is preparing frog keeping leads, rabbit sings but dances, the fox is beautiful, and the wolf watches, that everyone had been poured.

And here comes the bear. I saw Mansion and asks, "Well who lives in the attics."

Mouse: "I am a mouse, the little hostess!"

Frog: "I am a frog, green wah!"

Hare: "I hare - a popular actor!"

Fox: "I am a fox - the first forest beauty!"

Wolf: "I am a wolf - the main joker!"

"That's good, you're home! I have the documents for the demolition of the building, it is an emergency and life-threatening. And all of you will settle on new apartments. Will to live happily ever after! ". And bear broke Mansion, his work is so. "

It will be more fun if the text of the tale filled with jokes and details of which are well understood in this company.

tale scenario of multiple narrators for his roles

For this tale-adaptations of roles for the company will be drunk enough and a small group. Select two storytellers. One has to be good, and the other - evil. The first begins to talk of any known fairy tale, the task of the second - his "evil" comments turn the plot of history in an unexpected direction, so that it became ridiculous. Consider, for example, a fairy tale about Tsarevna Frog.

  • Good: I want you to tell the tale
  • Angry: Very boring and nasty
  • Good: There Lived a King. He had three sons. Senior very smart
  • Evil: but with one eye
  • Good: average just smart
  • Evil: but without teeth
  • Good: And the younger son Ivan
  • Angry: juvenile delinquent
  • Good: And now it's time to marry sons
  • Evil: in fact, the king just decided that enough already to feed the parasites, it is time to shake off their wives, and to wave in Thailand
  • Good: King gave his sons an arrow and said, where the arrow falls, there will find their happiness sons
  • Wicked king did not think so, but it was necessary to say something
  • Good: of the first son of an arrow he fell to the noble courtyard
  • Evil: and killed everyone there
  • Good: the second son arrow fell on the merchant's yard, and picked up her daughter merchant
  • Angry: thick and terrible
  • Good: Ivan shot an arrow, and she fell into the swamp
  • Evil: full of frogs and leeches
  • Good: raised arrow frog and says Ivan, "If you kiss me, then I will become a beautiful girl '
  • Evil: but with bad teeth
  • Good: Ivan kissed a frog and it turned into a beautiful girl
  • Evil: but with bad teeth and lame
  • Good: Kashchei flew by and stole the girl
  • Angry: "How fortunate! - Ivan thought. - Why would I limp bride with bad teeth? "
  • Good: but Ivan is a good man, so I went to rescue the bride
  • Evil: a frog in it seized, tore the ring finger with precious stones, and Ivan property over something and was not
  • Good: Ivan took a magic sword
  • Angry: rusty scrap
  • Good: Kashchei and called for the fight
  • Angry: scrap threw him out the window and accidentally hit in the forehead Kascheyu
  • Good: I save Ivan bride and married her
  • Evil: just in a desperate situation, the guy turned out to be
  • Good: and they lived happily ever after
  • Evil: while Ivan did not run away to another by throwing a frog with three children without child support
  • Good: that's a fairy tale ending, and who listened
  • Evil: he hands over the money to artists living.
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Can complicate the game, do storytellers of all present. Each will then have to tell the tale of one line. The challenge of the next maximum deploy fairy tale story in an unpredictable way, then it turns out particularly interesting. Take every possible brand story, the result will be an impromptu: a new and fun role-playing history.

Dramatization of roles, scenes, fun for drunken company - an exciting game that requires a minimum of props and special conditions. I hope the idea you came to mind, and you will be sure to take advantage of it. On this I have today.

If the article has been helpful, do not forget to share it. To do this, just press the button social network. And be sure to subscribe to a blog, then just do not miss anything.

Sincerely, Natalia Krasnov.


Funny Tales scenes in a new way for corporate events

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