SCENARIO evenings farewell to summer

Elena Twardowski
Scenario Entertainment "Farewell to Summer"

The script of " Farewell to Summer "

(Older age)

The goal : a general idea of the summer.

tasks :

Create a positive emotional state.

To increase children's interest in the summer season.

Nurture friendships between children.

Help children to unite with each other in the team.

Develop the ability to focus on the children in the kindergarten. Expand knowledge about the fun and games , which can be played in the summer . To exercise the ability to think logically, guessing riddles. Improve the ability to perform different types of walking and running. To develop thinking , ingenuity.

Contribute to the physical development of children .

The course of leisure

At the central site sound children's dance songs, to which children are going to all groups and dancing.

Head :

In kindergarten today

Hustle and bustle

All the guys naryadilis-

Just beautiful!

Guys, today we will have an extraordinary day! Day farewell to summer , but we will not be sad, and spend summer fun games and jokes.

Appears character Summer .

Summer : Hello guys! Hello boys and girls! What beautiful music brought us all here! And what these songs? I see you are ready to guess who I am?

I bid you a riddle :

You can hear the singing of the mosquitoes,

Time berries and flowers,

The lake is warmed by heat,

All calls to bathe ... ( Summer )

-Where have you been in the summer (in the village, the sea and so on. D.)

th as the great, and I invite you to go on an interesting journey.

We make merry and drive train. (Transition to a sports field)

You have well studied for three months and learned a lot of poems about me, let them hear (2-3 min)

Well done! And the time you had fun? Now check, repeat the movement for me.

Logoritmicheskoj Exercise " Summer "

In the summer we swam ( diluted hands at chest level)

Running, walking (jogging in place)

In the summer we all jumped (jumping)

After resting (palms together, sleep imitation)

Summer : In the summer you are all grown up , and what did you do? (chorus answer)

Summer : Well done! and dances were taken? Wreaths of flowers were woven? I see you girls in wreaths sit out, the station for us.

Dance Girls in wreaths

Summer : Oh, guys, I think today, something is missing around (look around) .Tochno, I do not see anywhere my friends, sunbeams. Have you seen them? Where are they gone?


B. I : Well, I made this one more dirty trick, sunbeams stole !. (Rubs his hands) Ha ha ha. (Turns to the children)

Yeah, here- then I right!

Summer : Where is here?

B. I : Where, where ... But here, where many children. And you here that during the holiday?

Summer : We have today a holiday of farewell to summer . The children came to have fun, look at each other, which all grew larger over the summer and say goodbye to me until next year.

B. I : It's the detishechki - korotyshechki large? Oh, laugh! (laughing) . So I want to give them pustushechku suck!

Summer : Wait, B. I, to see whether our children have grown up in fact, they need to check.

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B. I : Check? Yes please (the ball) . Here the ball. Who did not catch, he did not grow up, and remained baby-short.

Starts randomly, deceiving children throw the ball.

Summer : Well, no, that will not do, if we play it by the rules!

B. I : Rules of what is invented. And why they are needed only.

Summer : Our guys always play by the rules, you want to see?

B. I : Of course I do!

Summer : In the game we need to split up into teams. And mom and dad will help us in this.

relay :

B. I .: This year the forest cones apparently -nevidimo. Help collect them? And get in the way!

1. "Collect cones in the basket"

/ Participants are divided into 2 nd team, get up into the column. Cones scattered on the floor. The first child of the signal lead bends, takes a lump and passes it to the next team member, and so the transmission bumps going up the chain. The last column in the standing adult. It takes a lump and throws it in the trash. Cart is placed in approximately 1, 5 -2 m. If a lump in the basket does not fall, it is not counted. By the number of cones in the basket is determined by the winners /

B. I .: I'll go to the sea, along with jellyfish look alive, and you see a jellyfish? now I pokolduyu ... (Says spell in his big bag and pulls out two jellyfish)

2. "Pass jellyfish" (rubber glove filled with water)

Summer : Well, from the jellyfish soup does not cook, you have to go fishing for the delicious fish. Show what you fishermen.

3. "Fishing"

(At the start of the basket of fish caught, fled to the pelvis with water and fish to hook and spoon are in your cart)

B. I : Quick smart yes, yes inattentive, did not ask me babusechku can help me than necessary.

L : And what can we help you?

B. I : Yes, I do blanks for the winter do not have time, here is the harvest gathered, but not spread out on the banks, not canned.

Summer : this we can help you quickly do it!

4. "We expand the fruits and vegetables on the banks'

B. I : That's because what you have in kindergarten detishechki quick but clever. A riddle that you are able to guess?


1. Over a flower fluttering, dancing,

Veerkom patterned waves. (Butterfly)

2. Do not chain it is not the net,

Fish catches on the hook. (fishing rod)

3. above the forest, beautiful light and without a fire burning? (The sun)

Summer : Guys let's help the sun! There is no ray of suns, you have to help the rays attached. Rays are pegs that must deftly get.

5. "Help the sun shine '

/ 3 caused by a pair of members : children and parents. The parents in the hands of yellow cardboard circles. Parents lead tying a handkerchief eyes, attaches clothespins on a yellow children's clothing. At the signal, leading parents should find on the clothes of the child clothespin, attach it to the carton blank. And so on until all the rays will not be attached to the sun. Children with whom the parents in a pair may prompt verbally where the clothespin : "above" , "below" , "on the sleeve" , "collar" . The winner is the team who will be the radiant sun /

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B. I : Oh, you starved me! I'm tired! Better at the resort will be going! Will you help me? You know that with you on holiday must be taken?

GAME "Charges on vacation"

Children are divided into two teams. Each team will be called one by one the things that will be useful on holiday.

B. I : All right, I'm ready to rest. Just - that was cool.

Summer : It's because somewhere - then our sunbeams disappeared. Have you seen them?

B. I : Okay, I admit, it's because I hid them, they gave me a strong light in the eye!

Summer : And where did you hide them?

B. I : sly what! Everything you say, but show! ... Oh, and I myself do not remember! I put it in the trunk, and where he had hidden, forgotten! That's just what - that piece of paper in my pocket lying around that - that is written here. Yes this is a clue where to look sundkuk. Do you want to find? You are waiting for the danger and adventure! Are not you afraid?

(children's responses) . Then we go in search!

And for your parents I too will job -sulfonic and creative : here's paper, here's a paint yes pencils, paint me a picture about the summer , so I'm in my little hut on chicken legs hung it. I will enjoy the winter, but summer to remember !

Summer : You guys ready? Come on Baba Yaga read our tips!

BJ reads mysteries, children looking on otgadki kindergarten section (for "12 notes" type)

1etap (hive)

Riddle : There are in the world sweet home,

Garden smells in the house.

And tenants, buzzing with joy,

In my house bring the sweetness,

Treating us afterwards.

Guess - what a house?


Stage 2 (bicycle)

Riddle : This horse does not eat oats,

It has two wheels,

he does not sit on the chain,

Chain-that is, he runs with it,

There are two pedals and saddle.

You are driving with the horse learned ?.


Stage 3 (net)

Riddle : To catch the butterfly,

I'll have to just take

Amazing bag,


(Butterfly net)

Stage 4 (bead)

Riddle : His hold on the leash,

Although he was not a puppy.

And he fell off the leash

And flew under the clouds. (Balloon)

Stage 5 (carriage)

Riddle : In the car, the driver is asleep,

Not taxis,

The machine also soon

Without running the engine.

Tires on the leaves rustle, slowly

Mom in the car carries the baby.


Stage 6 (backpack)

Riddle : He is with you and with me

It was wild stitches -

Other camping behind the back

On belts with buckles.


Stage 7 (book)

Riddle : I know all about it, all the teaching,

And she is always silent.

To make friends with me;

It is necessary to learn to read and write.


8 step (paint)

Riddle : Colored sisters,

color paper sheet,

When the brush smear!


9 step (scooter)

Riddle : He - almost bicycle,

That's just no seats.

Does not matter to him, I am pleased,

My best friend -.


10 step (trunk on the veranda)

Children find a chest.

BJ That's great! Found the chest! So be it, I'll let your sunbeams, let the whole world! (Takes balls)

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Summer : Hooray! Guys, let's put forth their dreams come true and let go of sunbeams in the sky, and then all your wishes will come true!

Released balloons.

BJ, and on parting I want to dance with you, we're friends now?

Summer course. Friends! We invite you to dance with us merry dance "Friendship"

Dance together "Druzhba"

B. I : Thank you for a happy holiday. Thank you parents for the wonderful pictures!


Summer : The guys are very sorry to leave, but I have to also say goodbye to you until next year. I want to treat you to a delicious cake with summer berries.

(Stake Pie)

Summer : But the memory of you, I want one, too, that the leave. I have a magic crayons, draw on the pavement that you remember most and enjoyed this summer and then I'll never forget.

Children draw music. Summer thanks them and leaves.


The script.


Good day, dear teachers, parents and visitors!

We are pleased to welcome you to our holiday .

Pupil 1 :

There is an unusual country.

It is not on the map to find:

It is not visible to everyone

Of those over the age of ten.

It settled cranks.

There are no boring and angry

Only good-natured and jokers

And every ten years.

Chorus all : This country - Elementary School !

All the children sing a song, "Do not turn the motley Globe"


Class bright smiles today!

How many mothers as fathers and sisters.

Even my brother, although very busy,

For us today, the feast has come!


That was over a year our training!

The script for primary school Hello, summer!

You do not call us " treteklashki "!

Again, small shoes and sneakers us,

Cramped us something shirt ...


We ended up in the classroom program,

Has rung our last call .

Do not worry, beloved mother,

There is still a lot of worries.


Here we are together and lived for another year, and the third. And I hope we will stay in the memory of all the good things this year - interesting lessons, our numerous performances, participate in contests and competitions, our victories.

(Diploma for competitions)

A group of girls performed the song "You are probably right I will not believe" (You I probably just do not believe it, especially one who did not go to school: I am so tired of the four quarters, and no health there is now no forces)


We suggest you take a look at our students about what they think and dream and how do things.

But one of them ...


I am 10 years old, I'm in the third grade,

For the fourth moved.

I'm under the sofa on the terrace

Yesterday found his notebook.

My notebook - Ivonin Vova -

I lost in the first grade.

Inside can not tell a word!

Really what I wrote?

What terrible hooks

Circles and dead -

They bent like old men,

And overhang from the line.

Well, the fat lady letter "A"!

Well, just like a frog!

All material - in the document.

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